Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summer Color

Summer is so much fun with family visiting. And when you live on the coast of Oregon, warm sunny days are a real treat. The visit by Kerry and Bill was great. Kerry has not been here for years, and this was Bill's first visit. We went to dinner, visited, watched family movies of Kerry's children and did a really nice boat tour of Tenmile Lake on Saturday afternoon. The weather was great.

Today, it is slightly sunny and slightly overcast. I have my fingers crossed that it will clear off and be really nice as the weather forecast is predicting.

My garden has never looked better, thanks to my Mom. She loves to garden and has an incredible style and knack for it. I have 3 garden areas, 2 of which Mom keeps in tip-top shape and the 3rd is in front of the Yarn Store and I manage.

On the knitting front, the zippers arrived for the jackets. I'm pretty pleased with them. Now I have to stitch them in. Have not been knitting too much. Still plugging away on the hood of my hand knit jacket. With the warm weather, I seem to have struck a lazy streak. (store garden by the entrance to my store. All in pots -------- >>>>>>>>>>)

Web work is nearly caught up and I'm thinking the site looks very dated. I look at other sites and I sure can tell I have minimal experience with sites. I'm unsure if I want to tackle learning CSS and a major remodel or not. I still get alot of comments on how easy it is to navigate the site, so I am really unsure.
You tell me! My site is . Your feed back is what drives my decisions. You all have a great 4th of July!!


Sarah said...

Hi Angelika! Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog and making some suggestions. I'd forgotten about the yarn loop option. The Rusted Root pattern can be found here:

Kathie said...

Hi Angelika! I received the blocking wires I ordered from you - super quick shipping, thank you!

CSS isn't so bad. My blog uses a CSS style sheet (WordPress blog software) and I messed around with it quite a bit to get the look I wanted (if you go to the footer of my blog home page you'll see a link to the original template I brought in - if you go see the original, you'll see how many changes I made). One of the great things about CSS is being able to change characteristics site-wide with just a few lines of code. CSS is excellent, and there are some good books out there on it. You could try "CSS: The Missing Manual", by David McFarland (available on Amazon).

I think your site looks slightly dated :) but nowhere NEAR many other sites I've seen. If it were me, I would change your header to make your store's name more prominent across the top, and maybe use a photograph as a background for the name (something colorful). Maybe a gorgeous photo of Oregon or something fibery. I would also change the font, perhaps to Arial, site-wide and make the navigational links that appear at the top of the various pages a little neater.

Also, the Shopping/Returns and Contact Us links at the bottom of the home page could be moved up to the top of the page. There are many people that would not scroll all the way down to find that information.

Okay, this is long enough that I should probably have e-mailed you instead! I hope it's not a problem, and that it helped.

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