Friday, April 5, 2013

My Oh. My. Gosh. Moment

My OMG Moment!!!

We get a lot of yarn to sample up every month.  Yarn that is given to us to see if we like and if it will fit well into our selection. Or yarn we did get in that needs a sample swatch for the shelf. Needless to say, most of my knitting is sampling yarn.  A few weeks ago, as I was heading a few hours north to spend the weekend with a friend, I grabbed one of these yarns.  Then poked around my stash of needles trying to find a needle, and wondering how many needles I should take just in case that size didn't work.

Now I have never been a fan of interchangeables.  Never liked their join.  And to point out my stubbornness, never tried the addi clicks for just that reason.  "this is ridiculous" went through my mind.  I grabbed the "creme de la creme" of interchangeables, the addi clicks.  and just not any set, I went for the Lace set.
Long needle, extreeeeemely smooth needle, with a nice point.

Oh. My. Goshhhh!

I do have some turbos in my stash, and I have some lace needles in my stash, but this particular set is a nickel plated lace needle.  The best of both worlds.  and the join?  what join?  Simply does not exist.  and what a beautifully soft cable! My stash contains at least a couple needles of every needle we sell, as well as needles given to me that we don't sell.  But my heart has been given away to the addi nickel plated lace needle.

....and ....Mother's Day is coming....sshhhh....don't tell my Mom, but I know exactly what to get her this year!!

So if you have someone who has been good to you.  This is an amazing gift!!  Or if your children are asking . . . (hint, hint) ... tell them to go in together and get you this gift!

and onto to technology!
Facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs, enewsletters, forums and more.  I run around in circles trying to decide which is the best method to to keep you informed, and to shy away from methods that just irritate. The one thing about all these methods is that unlike junk mail, you can unsubscribe or simply just not subscribe at all!

Angelika's Yarn Store is on all of the above.  Some I'm more active on than others, but I'm trying!

I'm probably the most active on Facebook.  I can post really simple and fast each morning.  It's an easy read for you as you relax at night, or drink coffee in the morning.  You can find me at

Pinterest ( ) is newer for us.  I'm still getting a  routine to post there.  But I do enjoy all the cool projects (knitting, crochet, gardening, food) that I can browse.

Ravelry is a great resource if I am looking for something specific.  You can find me there at

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