Thursday, April 11, 2013

All on a Sunday Afternoon . . .

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     This is rather typical of some of my days, unless I am buried in paperwork, which is the majority of the time.  Ah the wonderful life of a small business owner!!
    This is my favorite blocking board,  and sometimes it is on my kitchen table for weeks to a month or two.  In a dedicated work room, I would never put it up.
    Any-hoo......what you see is a project and many swatches.  The dark chocolate is a vest I am working on using my standard gauge knitting machine (SK280 or SK840).  This is the back.  I like to layer and vests keep my shoulders warm, while allowing my arms movement.  The yarn is Cascade's Heritage Silk, which is a fingering weight yarn.  Ideal for the standard gauge knitting machine.  Also very very popular with hand knitters for lace shawls and crochet projects.

The green swatch is a yarn we are looking into stocking.  We are looking for a nice yarn that isn't too expensive, but isn't poor quality either, that gets 4 sts per inch.  My test is successful so far.

The blue swatch is our Marble Chunky.  A low cost acrylic yarn that even the natural fiber lovers pause and handle.  The samples on display are really nice, and it has been a great seller.  With PSU in our back yard, the students are on a yarn budget and Marble Chunky is perfect.   It normally gets 3.5sts per inch.  but it is so soft, I wondered how it would do at 4 sts per inch.  I would say it was a successful test.  As you can see it knits to 4 sts on a US#9 needle.  The resulting fabric was very stable.  After steam blocking (its acrylic, do so carefully), it softened really nice.  This is PERFECT for long cardigans, hoodies, jackets, and such like that.

The final swatches on my blocking board is Universal's Bamboo Pop.  half cotton, half bamboo.  Laura did us a crochet swatch sampler, and I did a knitting swatch.  I was curious, because it is so soft, how it would do in a pattern.  Would it retain the stitch, or would it just melt.  I was very happy to see that it did very good!!

Which swatch is your favorite?

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