Saturday, December 3, 2011

WOW! That's a lot of new needles and yarn!!

WOW! That's a lot of inventory! 
We progressing along remodeling the web pages and adding new yarns!

All 631 circular needles are accounted for on the completely remodeled circular needle pages. That's not even all we'll have, believe it or not. There are lengths of the new Knitter's Pride that we haven't even received yet. So which needle were you missing in your collection? I bet we have it or a more than suitable replacement. Wood, metal, bamboo, birch, and plastic with all sizes and all lengths.  Take a look at the super easy to follow pages.  Need that needle fast?  Order it online, and receive it in 2-3 days.  We process orders in less than 24-hour processing time if all your items are in stock.

Cascade Pacific Chunky
The very popular Cascade Pacific Worsted has a chunky new sister. The affordable perfection of Pacific can now be knit up quick in its new bulky incarnation. Completely washable, 40% wool, and 60% acrylic, Pacific was at first designed last year for babies because its so cuddly soft and cheap. Well us adults need pampering too and Pacific has exploded into so many new colors! This is a fantastic yarn for brand new knitters.

New Noni Felted Back Pattern
Your bag is a personal and vital accessory to your wardrobe and life. As a knitter you have the unique ability to create exactly what you or your friends need to carry their things in comfort, style, and eye-grabbing elegance. Noni offers some of the best quality in patterns and hardware for all your sack and accessory needs. The newest addition is the New York Bag. A medium sized, felted bag which is big enough to carry your netbook, current project, or hide away a small umbrella for the season. Felted bags are a category all their own when it comes to fiber arts and are just as rewarding. Luckily, the Yarn Store has everything you need to plan your next bag and with ALL the colors felt-able Cascade 220 here there's no reason not to get on it!

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