Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Chocolate!!

Yarn Store has a new look!
In an attempt to stay current, and to keep "house" clean, Henry has created a new look. It will be months before all the hundreds of pages are remodeled, but we are rolling things out daily. Always thinking in terms of food (the sweeter, the better) I've been referring to my new look as the Cherry Chocolate version. We are adding what Henry calls "breadcrumbs". That's a trail of where you are. This has already helped me jump around the site.

Let me know what you think!

New Colors in Cascade Sierra Yarn are arriving into stock. All the shopping scripts (along with the new Cherry Chocolate look) are up. Took me about 4 nights and 2 mornings to get all the yarn scripts done. But the way Henry showed me to do it, makes it simple for future additions and removals. Take a peak at my new Sierra Yarn pages.

My newsletter went out last week. If you aren't signed up for it, you can read it online on my YARN BLOGS & NEWSLETTERS page.

If you are a machine knitter, you may want to sign up for my Seminar notification letter. The research is afoot for a 2012 Biennial Knitting Machine Seminar. I've a couple meetings to attend, then I hit the ground running hoping to procure a location. Sign up here: This is a opt-in and opt-out newsletter purely and totally for letting machine knitters know the progress, dates and locations of my knitting machine events.

sorry no pics today!! Just information! Keep in touch (and those of you in the hot hot weather.....send some my way....I'm tired of wearing sweatshirts! )

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