Saturday, January 22, 2011

Machine Knitting, again!

This isn't something you've seen me doing for quite a while.

Moving from the country to the city....moving my store from my property to a busy little strip mall has forced me to put machine knitting play time on a back burner. I used to have room to have my machines set up and I could machine knit whenever I wanted. My adorable little condo has no room for a machine. While I have machines out in the store, they are on a display rack which is not suitable for machine knitting actively! Owning and operating in a busy city also curtails my "play" time. Customers are my #1 priority. This is where I bring up Henry. Henry has been working in the store 1-2 days a week, and working from home on the web site. This has slowly eased the work load on me. (THANK YOU HENRY!!) And lookeeeee!! I'm knitting on the machine.

This project was started on the Silver Reed LK150. I thought it would work, but I was not happy with the results. The proto type was sorta acceptible, but as the designer, it was not acceptible to me. Henry QUICKLY volunteered to take it off my hands. It is a tubular knit scarf out of Cascade's Eco Alpaca. The labor to do the hand work was rather extensive. The quality of that hand work was really unacceptible. So....onto another idea.

Use the SK860 and SR860. (photo proof above!) Knit tubular. This yarn is the same weight of Cascade's Eco Alpaca. It is Cascade's Pure Alpaca in Summer Sky Heather (same color as my eyes ;) !! ).
Already I can see it is working better, but I've restarted once. The 2nd start isn't flawless, but progress is being made.

Why such a fuss over a scarf??? Dang!! It's been cold in Portland and I usually walk to work. I don't like to wear hats, but I will wear a scarf wrapped around my head, around my ears and tied behind my neck. Or if it isn't too cold, just simplied tied around my neck.

Enough blogging!! I'm going back to the machine....

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