Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update on two Undyed Natural Yarns from Cascade Yarns

As a single yarn store owner, my chores cover everything from cleaning the bathroom to looking at new yarns at trade shows. Nothing is every totally caught up! Would I change it?? Nope!!

There has been a bit of relief recently, as my son Henry is working one day a week. Henry is no newbie to my store. When he still lived at home, he did many chores around the store. You may end up talking to Henry if you come in or call. Besides the typical stocking and cleaning, he's learning shipping and sales. No longer will orders be held up when I go to trade shows. Nor will I need to close my store when I'm gone. But be kind....he's still trying to pull all the stuff out of my brain to do what he needs to do!

This Sunday morning I finished updating the Cascade Eco Duo Yarn page. All colors are now in stock, including the new ones!

70% Undyed Baby Alpaca / 30% Undyed Merino Wool
Yardage: 100gr / 197 yards per hank
Gauge: 4.5 sts per inch on US#8 (5mm)
the BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE yarn!! These shades are natural, undyed. But the colors have been carefully separated and then spun together so that when knit, colors gradually change. You think it has been dyed, but it has not!

Also updated earlier this week:
100% Natural undyed Alpaca
Cascade Eco Alpaca is a 100% Natural undyed Alpaca yarn, 100g - 220yds per hank.
Gauge:5 sts per inch on US#7 (4.5mm)
I've been working with this yarn. Alpaca is extremely soft, but when you don't dye the yarn, it is even softer. The colors in Eco Alpaca are the natural colors of the Alpaca. Very soft, very rich shades.

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N. Maria said...

I, for one, have always gotten my order within 10 seems!
You rock with customer service and savvy!
Thank you for being there!...and Henry, too!