Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Selling my Brother Bulky KH270

Cleaning up my Brother KH270 (electronic, bulky) knitting machine, and am now putting her back together and gathering up all the tools. Next, pull out the ribber and check it over. Everything is looking good. I'm amazed how clean the bed is. No dings or nicks. Electronics working good. I've got the original boxes.
Looks like I have quite a few extra needles. . . . . maybe 100? Don't have a spare sponge bar, though. But I might be able to get one. Not sure.

I'm asking $1635.00 (I pay shipping) (obo) for the set. Will only sell as a set. No credit card on this one. As it is my personal machine, I will ask for a cashiers check.

If you want to claim this machine as yours, call asap!

Store # 503-200-5991.
or email me at

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