Friday, April 2, 2010

Wind, Rain, Hail and Sun

Progress continues, but at a bit slower pace. Here is the Shepherd Sock rack. Aurora, an AIP student, came in yesterday, and again today for a few hours each day. Between Henry, my youngest son, Aurora and me, the rack was finally completed. By the end of tomorrow, all of the Shepherd Sock will be in place. Depending on shipping (shipping customer's orders always come first), I hope to start the second rack to put away the Cascade Heritage Sock tomorrow. Need to leave space, because I've got my eyes on a new sock line that will be a wonderful addition to my sock yarn selection, which also includes Cascade's Fixation. I had quite a few students help with setup. Aurora has been a regular, almost every day. MJ has spent many hours sorting, shelving and making catalogs for me. Grace, the powerhouse, and Jacob also put in hours in the beginning. Henry, my youngest son, helped with computers and moving and hammering of shelves, in between work and after hours. Of course my Mom and my Brother were an immense help that I won't be able to repay!

With such a big move the days have been long. Tuesday evening I attended a stretching class at Crossfit Portland and Wednesday and Friday morning, I attended regular fitness classes at 6:30 am (ugghh).... I'm always the oldest one there, but am never treated any different than anyone else. In other words, I'm not given any free pass. I have to pump and lift just like everyone else. But, I enjoy it. If I'm not at Crossfit, then its a early morning at the store. Usually working until at least 7pm every night . . . . except today . . . . by 3:00 my body and mind refused to allow me any further. Took the street car home, and curled up on the couch with a bowl of hot vegetable soup. I mean, its raining, hailing, blowing and sunny here in Portland. Snoozing on the couch sounded like a good idea to me!

Saturday will be a full day, but not as long. A bunch of girls are going out for the evening and I've been invited. Should be fun.

The day the moving company dropped me off, UPS delivered my first shipment from a new yarn line I'm picking up. Last night I cast on, and this morning knit a few rows while riding the street car to the store. I hope to have the web page up in a few days, and then I'll let you know what it is. This was taken with my iphone, so its not so good.

For those of you who stopped into my store, thank YOU!! It was great to see you. I know it's still a mess, but at least 50% of the yarn is on the shelf, and easy to get to. If you haven't stopped in, feel free to do so. The # is 503-200-5991. I don't have posted hours yet, but the door is open while I'm working. I would like to see you!!

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