Friday, April 30, 2010

Looking Good!

Things are looking good here. All that remains is the Lion and Lamb, and I'm waiting for more shelves to put it away. In fact, UPS just delivered, so over the next few days I'll be building the last of the cube shelves. Then all the yarns will have homes to be touched and admired. Even the Silver Reed Knitting Machines are on display. Isn't this the coolest rack?? The yarn you see is Lorna's Laces Grace (in the front, 2nd shelf) and Lorna's Laces Glory (top shelf, back of rack). These yarns are on overstock sale prices. And their location on my machine rack is temporary. I can even *slightly* demonstrate the Silver Reed LK150 on this rack. Yes--that is a project on the Silver Reed SK160 machine on the stand. I'm still experimenting. It is Universal's Cotton Supreme. I've not seen such a nice cotton. I have 1/2 the colors in stock, and have plans to get all the rest.

This week the knitting table was finally cleared off. I had unloaded some yarns onto the table just to be able to fill orders. But now the table is open. There has been some knitting groups asking about meeting here. I'm looking forward to that. I've really enjoyed meeting all the Portland knitters and crocheters. It should be lots of fun!!

This picture is the circular needle center. Addi Turbo, Turbo Lace and Naturas, Inox-Prym, Bryson and KA Bamboo circulars, plus a few other "must haves". Maybe not the prettiest display, but extremely easy to find the sizes of needles....and I stock MANY sizes!

There are still a few pockets needing attention in the store, but it's looking good and I'm having time to enjoy customers coming in, and not feel embarrassed about the mess.

On the private side of life, spring is still holding off. I'm still waiting for warmer weather. In the meantime, I try to get as much work done, so when the warm weather hits, I can sit back and relax!! Portland has many activities to do, places to go, and I'm looking forward to all it has to offer!

Til next time! Angelika

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Anonymous said...

Angelika, your store is looking good !!! I just red your blogs... I'm anxious to see your store when I come up.... Love Mom