Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out from the Old, In to the New

Boxed up and ready to go.....

Just a quick update on the expansion and relocation. The movers picked me up on Monday the 22nd. Boxing up all this inventory was no small task. Oh My Gosh!!!
Unloaded in Portland, and the next stage begins!

The movers dropped me off at the new location on Tuesday morning the 23rd. Now the task of building the grid cubes back up and unloading boxes has begun. This is brother Jim. He did all the carpentry work and heavy hauling. He also is responsible for the daily humour! My Mom is with me and she's worked her rear off!! Today I had 3 students for the Art Insitute of Portland, and I was able to start pulling orders. Help will be off and on over the next few weeks, so shipping may not be as quick as you all are used too! But I'm working long days 7 days a week to catch up.

Thank you to Mom, Grace, Aurora and Jacob!!

The Cascade 220 is all on the shelves, and orders for that yarn are being processed. Cascade 220 SW is now up and orders for it can also be processed. Most patterns are out, but I'm still wondering what box all my Vermont Fiber Designs ended up in. I've dug out most of the circulars, and Mom has all the double points up. But, there are so many yarns still in boxes.
Be patient!! We're working as fast as our fingers can go, and as long as our brains will allow us before it just putters out!

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