Sunday, March 14, 2010

Angelika's is expanding!

It is final, and I can safely announce that I am expanding Angelika's Yarn Store to Portland, Oregon. As of Saturday, March 20, all stock will be safely bagged and boxed for the moving company arriving on Monday. By late in the week, I should be able to start pulling and shipping your orders again! It may be a few weeks before I am open to the public, but if you call or email, and let me know you want to look-n-see, I will be ready for you. This location is in a quiet strip mall. Ideal for my busy day of shipping, and for you to drop by as it has a nice parking lot, not too much traffic and pretty easy to get to.

The location is 1975 SW First Ave, Suite L, Portland 97201. I will have a new phone number when I move in, and for a while the old number will be forwarded to the new location.

If you are an internet customer, you shouldn't see any changes, except a small delay getting orders out, and maybe a 24hr period where I'm not able to answer the business line. But the web site, and my email communications will continue as normal.

The next week will be a very busy week. I've slowly been moving household goods to Portland, and slowly packing store items that can be boxed up early. But this coming week will be a whirlwind of activity. After 23 years in business and 15 years of that in my current location, you can bet there is a lot of sorting and packing to do.

Wish me luck, and if you are in the Portland area, I want to meet you!!


pendie said...

Yay, can't wait to visit your store!! We can never have too many yarn stores in Portland

Pat Groves said...


Welcome to Portland! Can't wait for you to settle in and perhaps even joining the local machine knitting guild (MMKG). Don't think I'll ever forget that first Corvallis seminar that we were all at.

Pat Groves (Knit-A-Bit, Passap)

Angelika said...

Hey Pat! Was just thinking about you this weekend! I saw your listing in the Portland phone book.