Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashland Sky Sacks in Angelika's exclusive Aqua Shade

More goodies from the January Trade Show!

Ashland Sky Sacks in
Angelika's exclusive Aqua Shade.

Ashland Sky Gadget Sack.

The Gadget Sack is a 6 inch zippered addition to your Ashland Sky Set. Toss in your remnant tools, your keys, your glasses, or even a small sack. I use mine for my contacts when traveling and another holds my ipod and charging cord! Works for everything and everybody!!

Project Pouch Zippered Bags

The Project Zippered Pouch, like the gadget sack, is a great addition to the Ashland Sky line of cases. It is large enough to hold an active knitting project, pattern or book and needles. This is another in the line of "cross over to other crafts" style of cases. The 9.5 inch x 12 inch is a great size for cross stitch, crochet, art and any other tools.

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