Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zipping along!

Time is just zipping along! Took me days but the last shipment of Cascade Yarns is put away. New yarns in the box were Eco Wool and Eco+, which is the first shipment of these colors. I've got more colors slated to arrive in the next shipment. Also, brought in a few more colors of the Cascade 128 Chunky. Boy, that is the nicest chunky yarn. I'm trying to think of what I'd like to do out of it. Hats are good, but I want more of a challenge. The Reversible Scarf Pattern would work, but I'm still working on the 2nd one, and I think I might be tired of that. Jacket? I could easily see this in a crop jacket for spring.

Knitting Pure and Simple has Bulky Asymmetric Cardigan #299 that might be just the perfect pattern for this 128 Superwash bulky yarn. Or maybe I should take it to the knitting machine. I could whip out a cardigan in no time. A simple cardigan, with simple lines, set in sleeves and maybe a crab stitch trim to class it up a bit !

Finally got the fall issue of my newsletter is out. It contains the free Reversible scarf pattern, so it is ready for you!! If you aren't signed up for the newsletter, you can sign up here. Or if you'd rather, you can retrieve the newsletter here.

On the home front, last weekend in Portland at the condo was my Mom's first visit. She was thrilled. I knew she'd love the place. Saturday was a very wet day. It rained most of the day and very hard! Here's Mom waiting at the street car stop by our building. I've outlined in green the water rushing down the road. Rain or no, we had fun!

Saturday morning at 9am sharp I was lined up for my first workout class (as opposed to the one-on-one lessons required) at Crossfit. I've never been an athlete, so I was really unsure I wouldn't make an old bumbling fool of myself. I was by far the oldest person there. I did just fine. Part of the routine included running. That is my worst subject. I'm just not a runner. By Wednesday the soreness wore off. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), my 3rd of 4 one-on-one training classes is scheduled this coming Saturday. I'm sure my muscles are wondering if I've lost my mind! I have to admit that I was not in this condition in high school. Skinny yes, but not with this muscle tone.

It's been a long day today. I'll have to put in quite a few hours working this evening. Hope your knit and crochet projects are going well! Talk to you soon!

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