Sunday, September 20, 2009

Easy Knitting, Scrumptious Yarn!

I have to admit I have really dropped the ball with the knitting lately. The desire is there, but there's been much administrative work I've been doing. Not much time left for knitting and I hit the end of the day rather exhausted.....

But . . . I started this project the other day. I have to confess it was a customer who came in the store to get yarn for a reversible scarf that got me going. I found a free pattern on the internet. It called for Aran weight (4 sts per inch) yarn, but I grabbed Cascades Baby Alpaca Chunky, and dropped down a needle size. I will be spending quite a bit of time in Portland, Oregon this winter, and a very warm scarf will be manditory. After knitting up one whole hank of yarn, I was not liking this scarf at all. (I told myself, you get what you pay for!! I should have known.)

Oh the fabric was beautiful. Thick, soft, warm and no problems dropping down to a US#9 needle, but the reversible design just was not doing a thing for me. Couldn't even see the cables!

Therefore, I changed it. I went back up to the US#10 needle the yarn called for, and altered the pattern. I am almost done with the 2nd hank. This will be a very loved scarf. I've really enjoyed the pattern. And as I knit along, I'm wondering if a few special friends would appreciate something hand knit from me. That is a very rare occurance in my family and friends...very few get something hand (or machine!) knit from me!

Both sides of the scarf are the same (i.e. reversible). Cables stand out nicely due to the garter stitch (on both sides.) Because it is so thick, I think it is going to need approx 5 hanks of yarn. It quite wide, so if I need to wrap it up around my ears, it will work.

I will be putting this pattern out in the next newsletter, but I can share my notes if you cannot wait. But they are not totally complete yet.

Its Sunday night. I'm trying to work ahead. The store will be closed Wednesday through Monday as we will be in Portland taking care of some paperwork (and some playtime for me!!)

Take care and keep on knittin' !!

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