Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cascade 220 SW  Yarn Free Kids Sweater Pattern

Look Closer! Isn't this the perfectly simply go-to sweater for kids? Boys or girls!!

The pattern is free.....just add yarn!

Yarn: Cascades 220 Superwash Wool Yarn
Pattern: Cascade's Charlie Sweater by Tanis Grey.

Credit Card Chargebacks hurt businesses

It's interesting to look at how far we've come in methods to pay our bills. From only paying cash, to opening checking accounts, then onto credit cards and now automatic online payments. While some of these changes have made some things very convenient for some, for others the learning curve has been frustrating. These days, in light of all the credit card fraud, it is even now more important to be able to log onto your credit card accounts and credit history to protect the good rating we've worked so hard for.

I would like to share something many people don't know. Credit card companies assure us we will not incur any fraudulant charges on our credit cards. They are very reassuring about this. "We will take care of this" is their response. And we go to bed at night thinking the credit card company is taking care of us. But, do you know that that fruadulent charges are not absorbed by the credit card companies? It is the business that accepted the credit card that takes the loss. The credit card company turns around and takes it back from the company, who in good faith, accepted the credit card.

There are 3 key elements we, as businesses who accept cards, check before we process internet orders. The street, zip and security code must all give us a "Y" (Yes)match to what the credit card company has on file. If it gives us back a "N", it is up to us to decide whether we want to ship product. But even if it is a positive match, there is no guarantee that the credit card company can't charge it back 3 months later.

And if someone walks into a business, there is no way to confirm that card is good at all, unless id is checked.

The point of my commentary? I want all card holders to know who is really taking the loss when credit card accounts are used fraudlently.

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