Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Fall Inventory: OOC "Out Of Control"

This fall I was out of control! Bought wayyyy too many new yarns. This is the 3rd week of boxes of boxes of boxes of new yarn, new colors and new inspiration. Henry and I have spent hours at the key board and at our needles.

My week spot is glitz and glam. Tahki Stacy Charles's new holiday sparkle is Adele. In the sunlight or in the evening lights, this yarn lights up with an unearthly glow! My favorite is the antique gold. oh MY!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I have a real weak spot when it comes to mohair. I love the softness, I love it in lace, or in a simple stockinet stitch. This mohair, Sandnes Silk Mohair, from Sweden knits up fast and fluffy on a US#9! Not to mention the generous 309 yards on every ball. Order now and be ready before the cold sets in. But realistically it won't take long to make up a scarf, hat or cardi out of this heavy worsted size yarn.

We've been looking for an sweetly priced 100% bamboo and we found it in Feza Nirvana 100% Bamboo. This super soft sport/DK weight yarn is soft and very drape-able. So soft, how about a small receiving blanket for the newborn? It is sure to be a favorite with Mom. Allergic to wool? but prefer natural fibers? This is your answer!

I could not help myself when I saw this. Wish such a demand for neon, this crazy scarf project is sure to be a hit. It's called Rozetti Spectra Nouveau Neon. Bright and cheery....perfect for a boa .... Halloween costume, or just a bright splash of color over our otherwise dreary winter coats .... it all works!!  Whatever your knitting needs are, Henry and I here for you !

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