Monday, July 23, 2012

Sheep, Cascade 220 & Christmas Stockings!

Herd your herd of DPs with sheep!

These soft and rubbery sheep are here to help you corral your double points. No more rolling around to the bottom of your bag or mingling with confusing similar sizes. These point protectors will keep 'em straight and safe.  Two sizes that cover 2mm through 3.75mm needles (US#0-5 usually), and 4mm through 6.5mm (US#6-10.5 usually) double point needles. 

If those mm sizes confuse you, check out how we manage our web page:    Our pages are laid out by mm sizes and US needles sizes.  Not all US companies agree on what makes a US size number.  When in doubt check that mm size on the needle!!

400 shades of Cascade 220, and we've let them loose to play!  In the past, I've kept them in their bags to keep them organized so pulling from shipping is fast!  But now the shelves are clearly marked and we've removed them from their bags.  Sheer color intoxication!  But not only is the store getting a face lift, Henry is continuing the long task of revamping web site pages.  It's just Henry and I, and I'm SUPER appreciative of your patience and kindness in the restyling of our web pages.....Henry has released part of the Cascade 220 web page with the new layout.  The old still exists, but this page of the SOLIDS ONLY is done and looks amazing!! The Heathers, Quatros and Paints are next in line.

Elegant Heirlooms has released a small, simpler Christmas stocking kit, called Doolallies.  This cute stocking is about 21" long, uses DK weight yarn and US#5 needles.  The designs are  simple single designs.  I know, I's mid July, it's hot, the kids are driving you nuts . . . . but these just came through the door!  Time to plan ahead and have them on hand when you are ready to start!

Knitting and Crochet, both, are one of those "all season" crafts.  Knitting and Crochet is very popular in the winter, but in recent years it is a very popular social engagement.  Groups meet in yarn stores, homes, community centers, parks and even coffee houses and pubs.  Winter is traditionally the crafting season, but summer is perfect for those outdoor gatherings and perfect for light weight sock, baby, Christmas stocking and lace work.  Knitting and Crochet is perfect for when traveling by car, train or plane!!  
In the years since 1987, when we opened our doors we tend to have a slight slow down in the spring.  I'm assuming crafters are working their gardens, or perhaps beginning their spring walking routine.  But by July, its is obvious they are looking back to their knitting and crochet projects.  
Plan your projects, by either cleaning up older unfinished projects or looking ahead to the gift giving holidays and keep on designing string into art!

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