Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Yarn Standards

Another big job completed today. One of the things I offer is trying to offer yarn substitutions. And to make that easy, I need to know what I've got in stock, so I've created a yarn standards chart. A yarn standard refers to the size of yarn and what gauge it knits to. So I have organized all my yarns by their standard. This chart has not been updated for about 18 months, and today it is finally completed. A lot of new yarns have been added since it was updated. My Goodness!

The chart is printed and added to each shipment, starting today. The web page has also been updated, and I also have an interactive (yarns link to their web page) pdf that you can download. Sometimes I scare myself that I can manage to figure things out. While the interactiveness is really cool, it was hard to figure out and I'm sure that there were easier ways to do this, but it is done! I love it, and now I'll have to remember to do this each time I add a new yarn to the chart.

Also, a little teaser. Got part of my shipment for a new yarn in earlier this week. Web page is 90% complete. But you can check the preview here. I'll tell more about this scrumptious-squeezeable yarn in a few days! Needless to say I cast on for a small project already . . . Enjoy!

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