Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Products arriving from Trade Show!

It is always fun to receive the new things one orders at a trade show. I hope you enjoy these!!

Clover Jumbo Pom Pom maker.

Jumbo, fun 4.5" Pom Poms made easy.

See more pom pom makers here.

Clover Extra Small Pom Pom Maker

Sizes are .75 and 1 inch Pom Pom in diameter.

Antique Yarn Threader

Order on my knitting tools page

Thread Pic

Normally you find find a tool like this in a quilting shop. But every one needs to keep one near their sewing basket. This practically microscopic hook slips easily between fabric layers and leaves no holes. Super for difficult seams you might be ripping out, and hiding thread ends. Perfect for long arm quilters and machine embroidery. Great little gift for the seamstress family member or friend. Brand NEW!!

Order on my crochet hook page

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