Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paints !

It has been a long time, and the last 4 weeks were something I'd like to not repeat! Right after my last blog, hubby and I stripped and painted our master bedroom. After 20 years of numerous pets, we are now pet free and I felt we were long overdue for this face lift. We decided to go with a warm Tuscany-Victorian-Country Cabin look. Figure that one out! With warm red and taupe walls, one can decorate this to go with any of those looks. Yesterday the light fixture arrived, and maybe over the weekend we will get it installed.I have been knitting too! Although no great accomplishments. This hat below is a pattern that comes with the Yarn Store's Pkt 5. Packet 5 is my Cascade Catalog and Knitting Pure & Simple Catalog. I have 2 Packets and depending on a customers order, either one will be put into their purchases. The pattern is my Pastaza Skull Cap. It will soon be available as a "free pattern" with purchase of 1 hank of Pastaza Yarn. The one below is Pastaza Hand Dyed Paints in Forest. I knit it up the other night in 3-4 hours. That included visiting with hubby and other interruptions. It was a great mini vacation for me! I loved seeing the change in colors.I found out recently that Cascade added a bunch of new colors to the Pastaza line. I'm in the process of getting them all in. Yesterday I received some of them. At least 4 of them of pastels. I'm thinking I need to do another hat in one of the pastels. The shaping at the crown is really quite pretty and in a lighter color it will really show off.

One of my failed projects was a vest in Cascade 220 Hand Dyed Paints. Gheeshe!! I knew what my gauge should be, but after knitting up 2 hanks worth, it was all off. All I want is a vest to wear in the store, so I decided to try whiping it up on the LK150 knitting machine. After 2 failed attempts to make hand knit gauge, I did up a double size swatch and laid it down to rest,
and rest,
and rest,
and it is still resting!! I love the fabric, but have not been able to get back to it.

Ever heard of the Association of Knitwear Designers? It is a small, but established group of accomplished designers who work together to teach new designers the business end of of designing. This is no chat club, but a real hard working, very professional organization helping the individual designer understand the industry of design and promotion. Well "you know who" was just elected as Vice President! Oh yea, like I didn't have enough on my plate. Hubby says I am a glutton for punishment.

Sorry for the delay. Hope to talk to you all soon!

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