Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's my first blog!!

Hello, welcome to my first blog!
I enjoy reading other knitters & crocheters' blogs, and really enjoy seeing their project done out of my favorite yarns.
Currently I am *still* knitting my hooded zippered jacket in Cascade 220 out of the book "Double Exposure" by Bonnie A Franz. I started this jacket last year, but with the demands of business, which can include starting and finishing other items, projects can last years! But I have only 1 sleeve left and the hood. I will get photos up.
Today, here on the Oregon coast it is very cool, rainy, drizzly, just what you'd expect on the Oregon coast. I have alot of web work to do. I'm trying to get all the Noni patterns and their accessories broken out on the web site. But, I think I will take a few hours off and go out to lunch with hubby. We had hoped to run our dog on the beach, but the weather is just soooo soggy.
Would love to hear from you all. Talk to you soon!!


Abigail said...

Welcome to blog land!

forfair said...

welcome to my website

Lucy said...

Congratulaions on your new blog! I'm fairly new to blogging myself and finding it to be a lot of fun!! Happy Knitting!

Judy said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Angelika. I'll visit whenever I can as I'm sure it will be an interesting blog.